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Sparkling Apple came out of retirement for one show at Donegal’s Pub on September 18, 2010 -- almost 20 years after our last show back in 1993. The occasion was Rosie’s 50th birthday, but the evening was more like a Sparkling Apple Reunion! Onstage were Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid, Captain Maniac and Kevin Swain, and some songs were augmented by the addition of Glenn and Pauline Kyllonen  on Copperhead Road; Gary (Stringbean) Walchuk on Bony Maronie, and Joe Staples on a Beatles medley and several other rockers. Present in the audience were former roadies, soundmen, and even band members from earlier incarnations. The pub was packed from start to finish, with the audience primarily made up of aging but loyal fans. The photos below were mostly taken by Jim (Woody) Woodburne, with Colin’s camera.

Sparkling Apple 2010

Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid guitar

Captain Maniac drums

Kevin Swain bass

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