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rocky rockamoto Years 1970 - 1975

Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid guitar

Captain Maniac drums

Rocky Rockamoto bass

In 1969, Colin (Captain Maniac) formed a band with Shattered Remains members Jim LeClair and Rocky Rockamoto (Gord Higo), along with school friend, guitarist Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid (Art Kyllonen). This new band was named "The Plastic Rat Blues Band".   After a few gigs, Jim left the group, which was now a trio with Art becoming lead guitarist.  Once Jim had left the band, Colin, Gord and Art settled on a new name in 1971, SPARKLING APPLE. This was the original lineup of the band, and existed until Gord left the band in 1975. Highlights of this part of the band’s history included opening dates for both the Seeds of Time and Chilliwack, as well as numerous high school dances. During this time, the band also performed at many night clubs throughout British Columbia.